What’s your favourite song? (Tiny Stories 6)

‘So what’s your favourite song?’

Vennilavin Theril Yeri from the movie Duet. Do you know it?’

‘No but I will if you show it to me.’

And I did show it to him.

But little did I know that he’d be singing it at our wedding 2 years later!

On one hand it’s an extremely weird song to sing at one’s own wedding. It’s literally a song about a guy feeling sad that his brother has fallen in love with the same girl he loves.

And then it proceeds into the usual description of the girl’s eyes, legs, hips and how the guy will be a comb in her hair or the slippers on her feet.

Nobody needs horny combs and slippers guys.

But on the other hand, it was sweet that he learnt the song over God knows how long and was singing it now, earnest as all hell, in his Australian accent.

I guess he’s okay…

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